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Str8 M MAGNIFIER – Right hand


Str8 Magnifier – fits all right-hand Str8 thumb compass models. Swivelling lens is 60mm diameter with 1.5 x magnification, high-strength moulded alloy support, and +/- 20 degrees adjustable angle.

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Str8 Magnifier – right hand model

Fits the right hand Str8 Original, Evo and Kompakt thumb compasses.

The Str8 Magnifier is the most innovative magnifier ever made for orienteering that will change the way you look at magnified map reading.

Manufactured with the very best materials available, the new Str8 M magnifier enhances map magnification across all levels of performance.

The Str8 magnifier features:

  • 60mm edge to edge lens dimension
  • On-the-Run lens tensioning – no tools needed
  • New, improved magnification rate: now up to x1.5 original map sizing
  • Directional pointing line * optional sticker set
  • Lens position locator * optional A or B position
  • Adjustable angle +/- 20 degrees
  • High strength moulded alloy tower
  • Smooth action lens pivot
  • Replaceable silicone lens damper
  • Sleek, ergonomic design
  • Precise connection to Str8 compasses thanks to twin mounting studs.

Fitted with the optional lens directional kit (included), the Str8 M magnifier allows navigation under magnification for longer periods. Now the advantage of magnification and greater map clarity is possible for the length of a control, while still maintaining precise direction.

Also available in the left-hand model for Str8 left-hand thumb compasses.




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