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Competing in or organising events and lessons on navigation, maps or orienteering doesn't need to be daunting.

You can purchase products from our store to assist you in planning lessons, organising games or activities and running events.

If you want to jump into some freely available information, have a look through the websites listed below.

About Orienteering:

Excellent introductory material is available from the Orienteering Australia website

Concise fact sheet from Victorian Orienteering Association on How to run a successful Orienteering Program   

Silva Education videos:

Click on the links below to view Silva videos on YouTube which demonstrate common techniques and compass use:

Silva 1 2 3 system -

Silva Map and Compass -

Silva Compass and Crossbearing -

Silva Navigation School -

Orienteering Associations:

Orienteering Australia:

Orienteering New South Wales:

Orienteering Victoria:

Orienteering Association of South Australia:

Orienteering Queensland:

Orienteering Western Australia:

Orienteering ACT:

Orienteering Tasmania:

Melbourne Bush Orienteering:

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