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Military mirrored sighting compass with graduations in mils & degrees, clinometer & declination adjustment.  Free delivery Australia-wide

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The sighting compass for experienced navigators – used by NATO Forces around the world. Mainly used by the infantry as a soldier’s or officer’s compass.  5 year warranty. Southern hemisphere model. Free standard delivery – Australia only.

Additional features include measuring scales for positioning (GPS), graduation in mils and degrees (6400/360), integrated adjuster for magnetic declination, magnifying lens and rubber feet for precision map work. The compass has a luminous graduation ring and markings for compass reading in the dark. Once activated by daylight/flashlight it will give light up to 4 hours of light.

The included scale lanyard and slope card makes it easier to quickly make a distance judgement of your route or to plan your route in advance. 


  • Graduations in mils and degrees
  • Sighting mirror with hole for the most accurate bearings
  • Turnable housing
  • Silicon rubber feet for increased friction on map when taking readings
  • Romer scales 1:50,000 and 1:25,000
  • Slope card
  • Scale lanyard
  • Measuring scales in millimetres and inches
  • Built-in magnifying lens and luminous markings make low-light navigation easier
  • Magnetic declination adjuster and built-in clinometer for measuring vertical angles
  • 5 year warranty


  • Article number 36818-9515
  • Accuracy: ± 1° (17.8 mils)
  • Altitude use: 5000m @-15 °C
  • Clinometer: Yes
  • Declination adjustment: Yes
  • Graduation: 6400° / 360°
  • Illumination: 4 hours after activation in light
  • Impact resistance: 30g in XYZ directions and free fall from 1.5 m height into gravel
  • Magnifying lens: Yes
  • Material: Acrylic/Acetal, PC/ABS, TPU
  • Patented red/black N/S lines in capsule: Yes
  • Resolution degrees / mils: 2 / 50
  • Scales: mm, inch
  • Settling time from 90° angle to complete rest: 5 sec
  • Settling time from 90° angle within ± 3°: 2.7 sec
  • Sighting System: Mirror sighting
  • Silicon friction feet: Yes
  • Size: 108x64x20
  • Temperature operating range: -30 to +60 C
  • Type of compass: Baseplate, Silva 1-2-3 System Mirror sighting compass
  • UTM position plotting scales (Romer scales): 1:25k, 1:50k
  • Variant: Magnetic South
  • Water resistance: Waterproof
  • Weight: 86 grams

5-year warranty against defects in manufacture or materials

All compasses we stock are MS (southern hemisphere) models balanced for use in Australia and New Zealand.





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