The KanPas Beginner is a compact baseplate compass with rotating dial in degrees, measuring scales, luminous markings, declination scale & lanyard. Ideal basic compass for beginners and students.  Southern hemisphere model, 2 year warranty. Also available in a box set of 10 for schools and groups.

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The KanPas Beginner baseplate compass is an ideal compass for beginners and students. Southern hemisphere model.


  • Rotating dial in degrees
  • Map measuring scales in millimetres, 1:50.000, 1:25.000 & 1:10,000
  • Luminous markings
  • Rounded base-plate
  • Declination scale inside the capsule
  • Detachable lanyard
  • 2-year warranty


  • MS model: balanced for Southern hemisphere
  • Weight: 29 grams
  • Dimensions: 85 x 55 x 10 mm

The Beginner compass is also available in a box set of 10 for schools and groups.

All compasses we stock are MS (magnetic south) models balanced for use in the southern hemisphere.





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